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...for Carl.


(J. Hudson) © 2015 Invincible City Records, LLC.

There's no mistaking
Or two ways about it
I never thought
It would come to end like this
Just didn't think you had it in you

You're words had meaning
I sensed the truth behind them
Your performance
Was stellar

How could you be so heartless
I was breathless
Up so high
Never thought
Not at all
I could fall
You would stall
So cruel and unkind
You left me silent & cold

For what reason
Could you not have lived without it
Deceiving me
With promises so bold
Things I never wanted to begin with

What did you gain
By falsely serenading my life
Losing interest
As love took hold

How could you be so heartless
Were you restless
Just passing time
Knocked me down
Pushed Around
As I fell facedown
It was cruel and unkind
As you left me silent & cold
Silent & cold

Must have had your reasons
Something to gain
Pretending you want me
And acting
So inhumane

How could you be so heartless
So wreckless
To turn on me
Not a word
Not a sound
I was tossed
To the ground
So cruel and unkind
You left me silent & cold
Silent & cold

Silent & cold...


from Songs for a Reluctant Planet, released March 5, 2015
Written by J. Hudson © 2015 Invincible City Records, LLC. Produced by JHSF and 21st Century Express.



all rights reserved


21st Century Express California

A theatrical sound designer and a nightclub DJ for over 11 years, Joe Hudson (producing as JHSF), first created 21st Century Express in 2003, hoping to fuse key elements from both careers, resulting in unique musical twists that defy genre while breaking rules. Striving to create an odyssey for those who crave dramatic expressions in sound, 21stCE always aims to be truly one of a kind. ... more

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